Leonard Schrage

Leonard Schrage

I'm a researcher, designer, and engineer—interested in cities, computation, and climate change.

I run Living Systems and work at MIT and Northeastern.

My current research looks into how computer vision and machine learning can help build global material banks, generate critical data for informal settlements, or better understand building patterns.

Previously, I started Material Guide and 1×1, after working as a strategic designer, web developer, and product manager for NGOs, start-ups, corporates, ministries, and research institutions. One of my favourite past projects is Water Sense—a low-cost, open source IoT solution for small-holder farmers.

Friends and long-term collaborators include C/O, Dinamo, Humans & Machines, Neo-Metabolism, OMMK, and RAM.

See more on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Are.na. Or just email me to learn more about my work or to collaborate.